MARS – New videoclip ‘Whispers’

After two albums (Sons of Cain and Blood is the Food of the Gods), one vinyl EP (Sacrifice), and an epic soundtrack-like collaboration (Mars Presents the Trail), the German Pagan folk duo Mars has finally created its very own unique sound that lies somewhere between apocalyptic folk and darkest Americana.

The new song ‘Whispers’ is driven by a gothic vision of love as an act of fatal sacrifice. Presented in pure singer-songwriter style, ‘Whispers’ aims at an archaic and simplistic beauty. It was filmed with an anamorphotic widescreen lens by the German filmmaker Danilo Vogt who has also created the layout for Mars Presents the Trail.

‘Whispers’ is the first of two songs from the upcoming double-A-digital-single Whispers/Pyres. While ‘Whispers’ is coined by Oliver F.’s unique voice and guitar play, ‘Pyres’ will head for Marcus S.‘s more ritualistic approach. The premiere of the second video will also mark the official release of the digital single.


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