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Founded in 2011. Inspired by American pagan folk and apocalyptic philosophy the sound of MARS is dominated by purely acoustic arrangements using guitars, various percussions and two male voices. Follow the duo on a journey into the bleakest hours of cultural decline.

MARS live:

2012, July 28th: Summer Darkness, Utrecht (NL)
2012, September 15th: Kulturcafé, Mainz (GER) (with Twa Corbies, :Of the Wand and the Moon:)
2013, October 4th: Runes + Men 2, Leizig (GER) (with Sonne Hagal, Hekate et al)
2014, August 16th: Lichterflug, Duisburg (Ger) (with Stein et al)
2014, November 29th: Kontrast Mittel Festival, Fürth (Ger) (with Sixth Comm, Rias64, ANTIchildLEAGUE, and Black Light Ascension)
2014, December 6th: Morituri te salutant 2, Frankfurt (Ger) (with Hekate, Der blaue Reiter and Lamia Vox)
2015, July 4th: Independent Barbecue Meeting, Frankfurt (Ger) (with David E. Williams)
2015, August 22nd: Electrowerkz, London (UK) (with hateful Abandon, Ad Undas, S.T.A.B., Retarder)
2015, Steptember 5th: NCN Festival, Deutzen (Ger) (with Stein, Raison d’être et al)
2016, March 19: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Festival, Vienna (Au) (with Our Survival depends on Us, The Devil and the Universe)
2016, August 30: Support for King Dude, Trier (Exhaus)

Musical rights statement:
We are NOT member of any musical rights institution and will not be in future. Anyway we are the sole copy right holders of our art and music. Feel free to watch and share our videos, but do not share, copy or download our music illegally. THE ONLY WAY TO OBTAIN OUR MUSIC IS BUYING THE CD! If you like it, buy it.

Further notes:
MARS is aural mythology. Therfor our use of ancient symbolism – especially germanic runes – is strictly focussed on this orginal source. We distance ourselves from any later abuse of some symbols by political extremists. MARS does NOT support any extremist activism.

MARS Credo:
MARS is a pagan folk brotherhood from southwest Germany. It was founded in 2011 by Marcus S. and soon joined by Oliver F.
The music of MARS consists of primarily acoustic instruments like guitar, various percussion, flutes, field recordings and human voices. The idea is to evoke a primordial spirituality that is increasingly lost in our post-modern, materialistic society.
The lyrics of MARS draw inspiration from ancient European mythology and spirituality and are a poetical expression of the universal cyclic law.
MARS express their pagan sensibilities via music, artwork and performance. Live performances are thus considered to be rituals to awaken primordial energies and a possible return to archaic pathways. MARS does not support any organised religions and cults because ultimately – ‘every man and every woman is a star’.
MARS support ecological consciousness in the choice of food, clothing and general lifestyle. We prefer natural material to artificial, and traditional handmade confection to industrial production. We also support domestic production instead of outsourcing.
The visual artwork of MARS’ releases is done by like-minded artists who support our vision of a re-spiritualization of the world and broaden the given spectrum.
MARS is born out of the Northern European consciousness because the connection to the own ancestral roots and heritage is always the strongest. This does not mean exclusion but an offer to share and interact with other international pagan individuals. Therefore we use the internationally known English language to communicate.
MARS is a non-profit union – yet we insist on the copyright of all of our work and will not accept violation in form of internet piracy, illegal uploading etc. Please consider buying our releases directly from us – especially at live events.


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